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The Briefing Circle is led by Hugh Merrill who established it in 2007 and believes that bringing together leaders in each of the public, private and not-for-profit sectors furthers the interests of all.

The briefings aim to establish common ground, build relationships and create opportunities for business and other collaborations across these sectors.

He organises 30 top level briefings every year, each on a subject where private and public sector interests converge.

Over the last twelve months these have included frank discussions on the challenging problems of the moment on a range of topics including energy and the environment, governance and regulation, health, education, skills and training, country and European briefings as well as issues relating to opportunities for economic growth including infrastructure initiatives and opportunities for the more effective delivery of public services.

"Excellent speakers, informed discussion on key topics of the day."
Anne Glover CBE, Chief Executive Amadeus Capital Partners
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